The Tasting Room

Open Daily From 10AM to 5pm   |   805.269.8200
5828 Orcutt Road in San luis obispo, California   |   Click here for directions

reservations required for groups of six or more

A truly unique wine tasting experience showcasing all six of the Niven family's wineries:  True Myth, Baileyana, Tangent, Zocker, Trenza, and Cadre. An extreme range of wines, in a wide array of carefully focused styles, all poured under one roof.


The Schoolhouse experience also offers limited release wines, gourmet food items and interesting gifts, picnic areas and bocce ball courts, all in addition to inviting terraces overlooking our vineyards.

About Our Tasting Room


All Niven family wines are offered at our historic Independence Schoolhouse, including True Myth, Baileyana, Tangent, Zocker, Trenza and Cadre. This extreme range of wines, in a wide array of carefully focused styles, is poured under one roof: from racy Grüner Veltliner, to old-vine Sauvignon Blanc, to elegant Pinot Noir, to rich massive red blends, and just about everything in between. No matter whether you’re a beginning taster or a seasoned connoisseur, your visit is sure to be an enjoyable one!

Wholly owned by Niven Family Wine Estates, each wine is made by Burgundian veteran winemaker Christian Roguenant, and presented with the Niven family’s casual yet attentive hallmark hospitality.

History of the Independence Schoolhouse

Tired of having his children ride eight miles round-trip to school in a horse-drawn carriage, Karl Steiner donated an acre of his ranch in the Edna Valley to the County of San Luis Obispo for a school. The one-room Independence Schoolhouse was built in 1909. It was about 850 square feet with 18-foot ceilings, heavy-framed windows and a bell tower. Blackboards lined the entire north wall, and a wood stove in the center of the room warmed the students on cold winter days. The school closed in 1956, and the building was converted to a private residence.

As the Independence Schoolhouse sits on a beautiful rise near the northern end of the Edna Valley, it is the perfect visitor destination. Hence, we struck a deal with the Righetti family (descendants of Karl Steiner), and took on an eight-month renovation project in 1998. The aim was to transform it back to its original one-room glory, and convert it to a beautiful tasting room. Interior walls were torn down, the entire building had to be lifted, and a new foundation poured. Even though most things had to be replaced, including electrical and plumbing systems, we took great care to preserve what could be saved; some of the original windows, siding, and floorboards are part of the finished project.